Envoyz for sellers

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FYI: 30% of buyers relocate for the right business-for-sale.

The business-for-sale industry has been forever run by business brokers controlling sellers and at times becoming downright pushy.  And in so many cases sellers become frustrated by lack of activity or even communication from his or her broker. THOSE DAYS ARE OVER. Envoyz provides a highly advanced representation locating highly motivated and qualified buyers through the massive buyer reach that Envoyz represents. The process is highly confidential protected by industry leaders since 2001.


Contact us for a no obligation analysis and business valution. Your NAABB Certified Broker will set up a meeting with you to meet you, introduce his or herself and take a tour of the business. From there a business valuation will be scheduled to determine market value. The NAABB Certified Broker will then advise you if this is a business that he or she can represent and introduce to the Envoyz system. The meeting with the NAABB Certified Broker can be done off hours for confidentiality purposes.


You and the NAABB Certified Broker will come to a representation agreement and the NAABB Certified Broker will coach you on the next steps. You will also be given access to a private onle area with numerous short videos outlining the process from the process itself to common questions a buyer will have for you. The broker will then promote discreetly on main stream venues and, MORE IMPORTANTLY, get you ito the Envoyz system where broker will contact highly qualified buyers and get them under Non-Disclosure Aagreement. From there a tour and financial disclosure is completed and done together by both you and the NAABB Certified Broker. You will never be left alone nor shoved aside as it is done together at all times.