Envoyz app for buyers

The mobile app is launching in September 2018.

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Whether you are looking to escape the corporate world or you are an experienced buyer...

Envoyz is a dream come true. Over 20,000 buyers and growing.

The business-for-sale industry has been forever run by business brokers requiring business buyers to reach in about a business-for-sale. And in so many cases buyers would reach in about a business-for-sale only to get no response from the broker. THOSE DAYS ARE OVER. Envoyz empowers buyers to reach in and have a highly trained certified broker contact them about business-for-sale that match the buyer's qualifications and needs. In other words the buyer remains in control of his or her search.


You do no t need to be a millionaire to buy a business. You do not even need money if you have good credit as we have a source theat can finance you up to $100,000 unsecured and at good rates. Most people dream of becoming their own boss - now you can make the dream come true.


The frustrations of endless searching for the right opportunity is over. Now the opportunities will come to you. Not only will your needs be catered to but we can assist getting financing up to $20,000,000. Envoyz is the service most experienced buyers like you have long been searching for.